Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling GREAT...sort of.

Ok so here is the scoop for the past week. I had 2 great workouts with Dan last week and then did cardio on my own the one day. I am really starting to like going to the gym again...and of course that is half the battle. However....

I wake up Sunday morning with my right Knee in total PAIN! It was weird...I have never had Knee trouble(i seem to be an ankle guy). The thing felt all swollen and I couldn't hardly walk. The weird thing is that I didn't do anything to it Saturday that should have caused a problem. Soooo I iced it all day on Sunday and yesterday... it is feeling much better today. I am gonna take today off from the gym as well and then hopefully I can get back there tomorrow.

I hate how everytime I start to like the gym or lose a bunch of weight something comes up that gives me an excuse to....take it easy for awhile....or quit all together. I was in the best shape in years about 6 years ago when I had been working with a trainer and had lost about 50 pounds....then boom I tear tendions in my ankle at a football game. I was out of action for 8 weeks and I never got back to it. It always seems to happen like that...I'm hoping this knee is just a small little speed bump in my progress. I certainly don't want to have to battle it all the time, although I will this time if I need to....giving up is not going to be an option.

Keep your fingers crossed that it will not be an issue and that I will be albe to report on a good rest of the week.

Thanks for checking out my blog. By the way I would love to hear from anyone out that is reading this...you can comment on the site or drop me an email kjames@radiospokane.com


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