Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling GREAT...sort of.

Ok so here is the scoop for the past week. I had 2 great workouts with Dan last week and then did cardio on my own the one day. I am really starting to like going to the gym again...and of course that is half the battle. However....

I wake up Sunday morning with my right Knee in total PAIN! It was weird...I have never had Knee trouble(i seem to be an ankle guy). The thing felt all swollen and I couldn't hardly walk. The weird thing is that I didn't do anything to it Saturday that should have caused a problem. Soooo I iced it all day on Sunday and yesterday... it is feeling much better today. I am gonna take today off from the gym as well and then hopefully I can get back there tomorrow.

I hate how everytime I start to like the gym or lose a bunch of weight something comes up that gives me an excuse to....take it easy for awhile....or quit all together. I was in the best shape in years about 6 years ago when I had been working with a trainer and had lost about 50 pounds....then boom I tear tendions in my ankle at a football game. I was out of action for 8 weeks and I never got back to it. It always seems to happen like that...I'm hoping this knee is just a small little speed bump in my progress. I certainly don't want to have to battle it all the time, although I will this time if I need to....giving up is not going to be an option.

Keep your fingers crossed that it will not be an issue and that I will be albe to report on a good rest of the week.

Thanks for checking out my blog. By the way I would love to hear from anyone out that is reading this...you can comment on the site or drop me an email kjames@radiospokane.com


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just Cookin Chicken...waiting for Idol.

Last week at the gym was good. Did cardio on my own 30 minutes on treadmill each time. Didn't do anything else, but I know I need to ease back into it. My trainer Dan had knee surgery and wasn't available last week. We are on for tomorrow at Noon...I will let ya know how it goes.

Right now I am cookin chicken. I LOVE chicken....which really makes dieting a lot easier. I try to buy a big thing of chicken breasts and then just bake them all at once and freeze them for the week. It has really been my key to success when I'm eating right.

One other quick note that has a "little" to due with losing weight. I decided to finally try to watch Biggest Loser this year. I really like the first episode and it's a powerful show. However...it's now on at the same time as IDOL. I guess I will have to record it and try to watch it some other time....I just never seem to do that very well. Stupid TV people putting them on at the same time.

Talk to ya soon

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Go to your "Happy Place"

So because I hadn't been to the gym for a month and I had been doing a bad job with the diet...The south hill location of OZ Fitness had some big dark symbolic cloud hanging over it in my mind. It was a fight against myself...I know I should go....but I feel stupid I haven't gone...I just don't want to go...etc. All this would go through my mind everytime I drove past or thought about the gym. So yesterday I just made it an appt. at 1:30 and said I HAD TO BE THERE! I told my tranier Dan(who wasn't available yesterday) I would be there and I knew he would check up on me. So bottom line...I was now accountable to be there.

So I show up to the OZ fitness and within minutes of beginning my workout I feel incredibly refreshed and positive. It was like my Happy Place...go to your Happy Place Kevin(little Happy Gilmore reference for ya)! First of all the trainers that work there all came by and said HI and "great to see you". I saw some of the people I hadn't seen for awhile as well and that was nice. One guy that I've known for years was there(we only really see each other at the gym) . He said "man I thought we lost ya...glad to see you back at it...GREAT JOB". Needless to say the place that I thought had a dark cloud over it(mainly because of my failure to stick with it), was really the complete opposite. Workout felt good and it was nice to sweat for awhile!

I'm looking forward to getting there again today.


Monday, January 12, 2009

My name is Kevin and I'm a slacker!

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. I just did that. Sooooooo lets move on to step 2. Getting back with the program.

So here is the skinny...I did well through the end of November, but the month of December was brutal. My workout and diet got lost under a pile of snow!!!! I guess I did get some excersize shoveling everyday!!! But I'm guess the ham and fudge probably added on more calories then the shoveling took off.

The good news is that I'm back on schedule now in the new year and looking forward to making some new goals and acheiving them.

We started our Resolution Reminder this week too and we have some great people who are working hard to loose weight as well. We will be talking to them on a regular basis to help keep them on track. Also this should help keep me in line as well. If you are working on it...let me know and lets keep trying to fight the fight together!!!!

Shape Up!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Results are in!

Ok so I missed the blog all last week because we were doing our 14th annual Food Drive.

But on Friday the 17th of Oct. I did some measurements with my trainer Dan. The results were very encouraging and exciting!

Here ya go....
After about 30 days...
Weight Loss- 14 pounds
Total inches lost 13.5
Muscle gain 9 pounds
Total FAT loss 23 pounds
Also one of the best numbers and the one i've noticed the most is 5 inches off my waist!

So that was great news heading into the food drive. Of course the food drive is not an easy place to eat right. First of all we broadcast live from Tomato Street everyday and they feed us. Good news...ate salad everytime I was there!!!! The only place I really blew it was breakfast for the week. 3 days I ended up eating stuff that wasn't great for losing weight...ya know like GRAVY!!! It sure did taste good but I felt miserable later...guess that means I'm starting to get used to eating right.

Also because of the hectic week with the food drive I didn't make into the gym at all last week. Tried to stay active at the food drive and at my practices for football and basketball, so hopefully I won't have taken any steps backward.

Looking forward to a great week with Dan at OZ and I hope that I continue to see improvement.
Talk to ya later this week,

Monday, October 13, 2008

Feeling GOOD!

Sorry I missed updating all last week, but I was busy working out! :)

It was a great week of workouts. Dan was back from his honeymoon...I was feeling better after being sick...and we were able to make some progress. Dan is great and knows that I love sports so he was trying to make everything "sports related" in my workouts. Wednesday we did a bunch of stuff with the medicine ball....throwing it against the wall in a variety of ways...all resembling some sports motion. It also just felt good to throw a ball as hard as you can over and over....goodbye STRESS! We would throw the ball hard about 20 times and then go back to treadmill for 5 minutes. Did that for about an hour.

Friday, Dan and I had some fun with Heavy Ball "Tennis". We went into the Raquet Ball Court at the South Hill OZ fitness and he had one side of the court and I had the other. Basically you had to quickly catch the ball and throw it back to the other side to your opponent. If you lost the point you had to do an excercise picked by the winner. Needless to say I only got to pick one excercise for Dan and he picked lots for me. It was really a lot of fun and a great workout! Although I'm warning Dan right now...that about 3 months from now I will be making him do a lot more work when we play!!!

This week we are going to weigh in and do some measurements to see where I'm at. I'm excited because I know I'm feeling better already...just not sure about the progress on the weight and the taking off inches. I'll let ya know later this week!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Howdy online friends.

It's been a tough week for me. Mainly because I AM SICK!!!! It's like a big kick in the face. It's funny to me because I was working out and feeling great and then it's like the "fat gods" said..."lets get him". Next thing ya know I'm sick and haven't done anything all week long. The good news is that I have done well with the eating(besides one day of needing some comfort food). Apparently I'm comforted by a Jack in the Box Big Cheesburger!!! Oh well, I'm getting better and I'm super excited to get back to working out next week.

Dan my trainer has been on his honeymoon...so I missed him all this week as well. I did work out last week and over the weekend. But since getting my bad cold I haven't done anything else all week. Hoping I feel better by Monday and can get back at it.

Got an email and someone asked how out of shape am I right now and what am I doing for workouts? They are concerned that they are "too out of shape". I'm in the worst shape of my life for sure. I struggled to do even 15 minutes at a slow pace on the precor or treadmill the first week. Right now I have just been doing cardio(precor machine) for about 30 minutes when I'm not with Dan. My workouts with Dan include some cardio and then we are moving on to "basic exercise motions" really working on my core and my base. Dan says...."it's like a tree buddy...we've got to start with the roots and build up." It's been a positive experience and I urge you no matter what shape your in to give it a try. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!!!